Error container has run as non root and image will run as root


This error message indicates that the container you are trying to create or run has the “runAsNonRoot” securityContext set, but the image you are using will be run as root.

There are a few possible solutions to this problem:

  • Use a different image that does not require root privileges.
  • Modify your securityContext settings to allow the container to run as root.
  • Use a different container runtime that does not have this security restriction.
    What is an error container?

    An error container is an container which has the “runasnonroot” flag set but will be run as root.

This usually happens because the dockerfile or command used to create the container did not specify a user.

To fix this, you can either specify a user in the dockerfile or command, or you can use the “–user” flag when running the container.

What is the difference between an error container and an image?

Error containers are temporary containers that are created when there is an error in the build process of a Docker image. An image is a snapshot of a container that can be used to create new containers.

How can I prevent my image from running as root?

If you are using a Dockerfile to build your image, you can use the “USER” directive to specify which user the image should run as. For example:

USER myuser

This will cause the image to run as the “myuser” user instead of root.

If you are not using a Dockerfile, you can still specify the “user” directive in your docker-compose.yml file:

user: myuser


In conclusion, if you get this error when trying to run a container, it means that the image you are using is configured to run as root and the container has been configured to run as a non-root user. To fix this, you will need to either reconfigure the container to run as root, or use a different image that is not configured to run as root.

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