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There are many different types of coffee roasts, each with its unique flavour profile. Roasts fall into four colour categories – light, medium, medium-dark, and dark. The type of roast you prefer is a personal choice and can be influenced by factors such as national preference or geographic location.

Within the four colour categories, you may come across a variety of common roasts. Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular types of coffee roasts:

Light Roasts:
Light brown, light roasts are generally milder in flavour and have no oil on the surface of the beans. Some common light roast varieties include Light City, Half City, and Cinnamon.

Medium Roasts:
Medium brown in colour with a stronger flavour, medium roasts have a non-oily surface and are often referred to as the American roast. Common medium roast varieties include City, American, and Breakfast.

Medium-Dark Roasts:
Rich and dark in colour, this type of roast has some oil on the surface and often has a bittersweet aftertaste. Medium-dark roast coffees include Full City.

Dark Roasts:
Dark roasts produce shiny black beans with an oily surface and a pronounced bitterness. These types of coffees generally have less acidity than lighter roasts. Some common dark roast varieties include High, Continental, New Orleans, European Espresso, Viennese Italian, French

What is an invalid command bdistwheel error?

The “invalid command bdistwheel” error is raised when you attempt to install a Python package using the pip tool that does not have a bdist_wheel (binary distribution wheel) file.

bdist_wheel is a built-package format introduced in 2000 that superseded an earlier format, egg. It is designed to allow for more efficient storage and distribution of Python packages, especially those that contain compiled extensions.

If you encounter this error, it means that the package you are trying to install does not have a bdist_wheel file and thus cannot be installed using pip. In some cases, you may be able to find a compatible wheel file on PyPI or elsewhere that you can install manually. Otherwise, you will need to build the package from source.

How to fix an invalid command bdistwheel error?

The bdist_wheel setuptools extension is designed to allow you to build wheels that are compatible with CPython and alternative Python interpreter implementations such as PyPy.

When you try to install a package that has a bdist_wheel dependency, you may encounter an error like this:

error: invalid command ‘bdist_wheel’

To fix this, you need to upgrade setuptools and wheel. The easiest way to do this is using pip:

$ pip install –upgrade setuptools wheel

If you’re still having trouble, make sure you have the latest versions of setuptools and wheel installed by running these commands:

$ pip install –upgrade setuptools
$ pip install –upgrade wheel


It is important to note that there is no industry-wide standardization when it comes to coffee roasts. This can cause some confusion when you are buying beans, but in general, coffee roasts can be classified into four main categories: light, medium, medium-dark, and dark.

The perfect roast is a personal choice that is often influenced by national preference or geographic location. Within the four color categories, you are likely to find common roasts such as Light City, Half City, Cinnamon, City, American, Breakfast, Full City, High, Continental, New Orleans, European, Espresso, Viennese, Italian, and French.

When choosing your coffee beans, it is a good idea to ask about the different types of roast available. There can be a world of difference between roasts!

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