Error target container is not a dom element


This error usually crops up when using React.js in your web development project. The error message “Target container is not a DOM element” means that the React code is being rendered to an area on the page that is not intended to receive React-rendered code. In other words, you’re telling React to render its code into an element that doesn’t exist yet.

What is a DOM element?

A DOM element is a tag in an HTML or XML document. Each DOM element has a type, name and value. DOM elements can also have attributes, which are name-value pairs that specify additional information about the element.

What is the error target container?

The error target container is not a DOM element. This error means that the container that was specified as the target for a certain operation is not a DOM element. This can happen if the target is not specified correctly, or if the target element does not exist in the document.

How to fix the error target container?

The error target container is not a DOM element usually occurs when you are using JavaScript libraries such as ReactJS, AngularJS.

This error is caused by the fact that the library trying to manipulate the DOM but the target container is not a DOM element.

There are two possible solutions to this problem:

1) Make sure that the target container you are trying to access is a DOM element. If it is not, then you will need to either find a way to convert it into a DOM element or use a different container.
2) Use a different library that does not have this issue.


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