Find the value of z

Algebraic expressions

Find the value of z in the equation below.

What is a variable?

In mathematics, a variable is a symbol used to represent a number or other value. The variable’s value may change during the course of mathematical calculations or experiments. In contrast, constants are symbols whose values remain fixed.

An algebraic expression is an expression that contains one or more variables. The value of an algebraic expression is determined by substituting numeric values for the variables and performing the indicated operations.

For example, consider the following algebraic expression:

z = x + y

In this expression, z is the variable and x and y are constants. The value of z can be any whole number because it is determined by adding together the values of x and y. If x is 3 and y is 5, then z would be 8 (3 + 5 = 8).

What is an algebraic expression?

Algebraic expressions are mathematical phrases that combine numbers and/or variables using mathematical operations. In order to be an expression, an algebraic statement must be able to be evaluated to a single numerical value, no matter what values are assigned to the variables.

What is the value of a variable?

To find the value of a variable, you need to substitute the given values for the other variables in the algebraic expression. For example, if z=4x+5y and x=2 and y=3, then z=4(2)+5(3)=8+15=23.

The value of z

Z is equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the real and imaginary parts of the complex number.

What is the value of z in the equation z+3=5?

To find the value of z, we need to solve the equation for z. This can be done by subtracting 3 from each side of the equation.

z + 3 = 5
z + 3 – 3 = 5 – 3
z = 5 – 3
z = 2

What is the value of z in the equation 2z=4?

To find the value of z in the equation 2z=4, we can use algebra to solve for z. First, we need to isolate z on one side of the equation. We can do this by dividing both sides of the equation by 2. This will give us the equation z=4/2. We can then simplify this equation to z=2. Therefore, the value of z in the equation 2z=4 is 2.


After completing this tutorial, you should now be able to find the value of z in a given equation. Remember to use the quadratic formula when solving for z, and to check your work by plugging your answer back into the original equation. If you need more practice with this concept, try solving some practice problems.

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