Function check answer attempted 101


This is a brief explanation of what this JavaScript code does. The code checks if the user inputted the correct answer to a question. If the answer is correct, the code will alert “Correct!” and if the answer is incorrect, the code will tell the user what the correct answer is.

What is a function?

In mathematics, a function is a set of ordered pairs (usually denoted by f) such that each element in the first set corresponds to an element in the second set. In other words, for every element x in the first set, there is a unique element y in the second set such that the ordered pair (x, y) is contained in the function.

What is a function check answer?

A function check answer is a code that is used to check whether a specific answer is correct. This code can be used in multiple-choice quizzes or when calculating score for a task. The function can be written in various programming languages.

How does the function check answer work?

The function checkanswer is called when the student attempts an activity. It takes three parameters: the question ID, the answer the student entered, and the correct answer.

The function checks if the answer is correct and stores the result in a database. If the answer is correct, it increments the score for that question by 1. If the answer is incorrect, it decrees that question’s score by 1.

What are the benefits of using the function check answers?

There are many benefits of using the function check answer when attempting to solve a problem. This function can help you quickly and easily check your work for mistakes and see how you got the answer you did. Additionally, using the check answer function can also help you to understand better the concepts that you are learning and how to apply them.

How can I use the function check answer in my code?

The function checkanswer is used to check whether an attempt at a question is correct. It accepts two parameters: the answer the user inputs, and the correct answer. The function will return true if the user’s answer is correct, and false if it is not.

To use this function, copy and paste the code into your own JavaScript file. You can then call the function whenever you need to check an answer. For example:

var userAnswer = “5”;
var correctAnswer = “4”;

if (check answer(user answer, correctAnswer)) {
alert(“You are correct!”);
} else {
alert(“Sorry, that is not correct.”);


You have completed the 101-question check. You will now be able to take the test.

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