How to install MySQL client for python


This tutorial shows you how to install the MySQL client library for Python 3.7 on Windows. MySQL Connector/Python is a standardized database driver provided by MySQL. It provides support for the Python programming language and connects it to the MySQL database server using MySQL Connector Python, which is a pure Python driver.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a free and open source relational database management system which uses SQL (Structured Query Language). Web applications widely use it to store data such as user profiles, blog posts, product information, etc.

Heading:Why use MySQL with Python?


MySQL is one of the most popular databases in the world. Python is a popular programming language that is reliable, flexible and easy to learn. It is a great choice for developing desktop and web applications. MySQL has many interesting features like:

-It supports both transactional and non-transactional database engines.
-It has a wide variety of data types that you can use.
-You can create stored procedures and triggers using MySQL.
-It supports replication which means that you can have multiple copies of your data on different servers.

Using MySQL with Python gives you the ability to develop powerful database applications quickly.

Why do you need MySQL for Python?

Before you can access MySQL databases using Python, you must install one (or more) of the following modules in your Python environment:

MySQLdb: This is the interface between Python and MySQL. It is written in C language and needs to be compiled before use. It is also available through the EasyInstall tool.
PyMySQL: This module is a pure-Python implementation of MySQL client/server protocol. It does not need to be compiled and is available from PyPI.

How to install MySQL for Python?

There are many ways to install MySQL for Python. Here are some of the most popular methods:

  1. Use a pre-compiled binary distributions from MySQL
  2. Install from source using cmake
  3. Use a third-party repository such as yum or apt
  4. Use a package manager such as pip or easy_install

We will show you how to install MySQL for Python using each of these methods.

Connecting to MySQL using Python

MySQL is one of the most popular databases in the world, and Python is a widely used programming language with many modules available for connecting to and working with MySQL. In this article, we’ll show you how to install the MySQL Connector for Python on Ubuntu 18.04.

MySQL Connector for Python is available on the website ( At the time of this writing, the latest version is 2.2.9. We can download and install this module using pip, a Python package manager:

pip install mysql-connector-python

Once the installation is complete, we can verify that the module has been correctly installed by trying to import it in a Python interpreter:

import mysql.connector


In conclusion, we have learned how to install mysql client for python. We have also briefly learned about the different types of roasts.

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