How to print sizet in c


The Size function in the C programming language returns the number of bytes required to store a given value. The sizeof operator can be used to determine the size of variables, constants, expressions, or data types.

When applied to an array, the Size function returns the total number of bytes required to store all the elements in the array. When applied to a structure, the Size function returns the total number of bytes required to store all the members of the structure.

Printing an Integer

The size of an integer is 4 bytes. To print the size of an integer, we use the %zd format specifier.

int main()
int a;
printf(“Size of a is %zd bytes\n”, sizeof(a));

return 0;


Printing a Character

To print a character, we use the %c format specifier. For example,

int main()
char c = ‘x’;
printf(“The character is %c”, c);

When the above code is compiled and executed, it produces the following result −

The character is x

Printing a String

C provides various types to variables like int, float, char etc. The sizeof() function is used to find the size of variables and datatypes. The sizeof() function returns the size of variable in terms of bytes. It is an inbuilt function which does not require any header file for its declaration. The strlen() function is used to find the length of a string. It is declared in header file.

Printing a Float

Size_t is an unsigned integer type of at least 16 bits. It is used to represent the size of objects in bytes and is therefore often used when working with dynamic memory allocation or when dealing with raw data buffers.

To print a float value in Size_t format, use the %zu conversion specifier:

Printing a Double

The printf function can print a double, but it prints it as a floating point number. If you want to print a double as an integer, you need to use the %d conversion specifier. For example, if you have a variable x that contains the value 3.14159, you can print it as an integer with the code printf(“%d”, x); This will print “3” (without the quotation marks).


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