How to take a screenshot nexus 6p

Taking a screenshot on your Nexus 6P

Open the screen that you want to capture. Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time for about three seconds or until you hear the camera shutter click. Your screenshot is saved as a PNG file in the Screenshots folder on the Photos/Pictures storage.

Press and hold power and volume down buttons

To take a screenshot on your Nexus 6P, press and hold the power and volume down buttons at the same time. Your phone will take a picture of the current screen and save it to your gallery.

Find the screenshot in your gallery app

After you take a screenshot, you’ll be able to find it in your gallery app. Open the gallery app and look for the “Screenshots” album. If you can’t find the screenshot in your gallery, it’s probably in the “Downloads” folder.

Editing and sharing your screenshot

After you take a screenshot, view it in the “Screenshots” album in the “Gallery” app. You can also edit it with an image editor before sharing it.

Edit your screenshot

If you want to edit your screenshot, open it in an image editor like Photoshop or GIMP. You can also use the built-in editing tools in some phones or screenshot capture apps.

To crop your screenshot, select the area you want to keep with your mouse or finger (if using a touchscreen). Then, click or tap the “Crop” button.

To annotate or draw on your screenshot, select the “Pen” or “Brush” tool from your image editor. Then, use your mouse or finger to draw on the screenshot.

Once you’re happy with your edited screenshot, Save it as a PNG or JPG file.

Share your screenshot

You can share your screenshot by tapping the “Share” icon in the Action bar. From there, you can choose how to share your screenshot — for example, you can share it via Bluetooth, email, or text message.

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