When does piper find out chris is her son


Piper Chapman is a woman sentenced to 15 months in prison after being convicted of transporting drug money for her former girlfriend, Alex Vause. During the course of the series, Piper struggles to adapt to life behind bars while dealing with her relationship with Alex and working to repair her relationships with her family and friends on the outside.

One of the biggest bombshells of the series comes in season four, when Piper learns that her ex-fiancé, Larry Bloom, impregnated her best friend, Polly Harper, and that the child she thought was Polly’s is actually her own son, Christopher Harper-Taylor.

Piper Finds Out Chris Is Her Son

Piper finds out Chris is her son on his 16th birthday. Chris had always known he was adopted, but he never knew who his real parents were. Piper had given him up for adoption when she was young and didn’t have the means to take care of him. When Chris’ adoptive parents died, he went to live with Piper.

Chris tells Piper the truth

Chris had known that his real mother was dead and that the woman who raised him wasn’t his birth mother. But, he never dreamed that the Piper would be his birth mother. When Chris tells Piper the truth, she is completely shocked.

Piper confronts her father

Piper confronts her father about Chris being her son. He admits it and feels terrible about what he did. He tells her that he didn’t know how to tell her and he was scared.

Piper tells Chris she needs time to process

Piper is understandably confused and overwhelmed upon learning that Chris is her son. She tells him that she needs time to process the information and figure out what it means for her and her family. Chris is patient with Piper, understanding that this is a lot for her to take in. He gives her space and time to come to terms with the news.


Piper eventually learns that Chris is her son in the season four episode, “The Secret.” Chris had been keeping the secret from Piper for fear that she would not accept him, but after learning that she was his mother, the two form a close bond.

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