Why did naruto take his mothers name

Reasons for taking his mother’s name

When Naruto was first born, his parents gave him the last name of Uzumaki. However, after his mother died, Naruto took his mother’s maiden name of Namikaze as his surname. There are a few reasons why he did this. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

He was orphaned at a young age

Naruto was orphaned at a young age, and so he never knew his father. He was given his mother’s surname as a way to connect him to his family.

His mother was the only family he had

Growing up, Naruto always felt alone. His father, the Fourth Hokage, sacrificed himself to save the village, and his mother died shortly after he was born. As a result, he was orphaned and had no family to speak of. That all changed when he met his mother’s twin sister, Kushi. Kushi took him in and raised him as her own, and Naruto finally had the family he always wanted.

Taking his mother’s name was a way for Naruto to honor her and show his appreciation for everything she did for him. It was also a way of connectin himself to her and establishing his own identity. In a lot of ways, Naruto is very much like his mother; they share the same fiery spirit and determination. Taking her name was a way for him to embrace that part of himself.

He wanted to make his mother proud

Naming conventions in the Naruto universe are peculiar, to say the least. While Western audiences are used to a first name followed by a surname, many of the characters in Naruto have names that are only one word. This is because Japanese names can be written in several different ways. For example, a person with the surname “Yamamoto” could also be referred to as “Yamamoto-san” or simply “San,” depending on the context.

It’s not uncommon for children in Japan to take on their mother’s surname, but it’s usually done for practical reasons (e.g., to keep the family name alive) rather than out of love or respect. In Naruto’s case, it seems he took his mother’s surname as a way of honoring her memory.

His mother, Kushina Uzumaki, was a powerful ninja in her own right and was greatly respected by both her village and her husband, Minato Namikaze. She died shortly after giving birth to Naruto, and he was never able to meet her. By taking on her name, Naruto ensured that his mother would always be with him – even if it was just in spirit.

Significance of taking his mother’s name

It shows his respect for his mother

Naruto took his mother’s name as a sign of respect. He was very close to her and wanted to honor her memory. It is a common tradition in many cultures for children to take their mother’s maiden name as their middle or last name.

It shows his dedication to his mother’s memory

It has been speculated that the reason Naruto took his mother’s name was to show his dedication to her memory. Throughout the series, it is shown that Naruto is constantly striving to gain acknowledgement and recognition from others. His mother, however, was always there for him, loving him unconditionally. In a way, by taking her name, Naruto is saying that he will never forget her or the sacrifices she made for him.

It shows his determination to become like his mother

In the anime, when Naruto was younger he was always told that he was different and he would never be accepted because of the Nine-TailsFox that attacked his village. This made him feel alone and hated. The only person who was ever nice to him and showed him any compassion was his mother, Kushina. She named him Naruto as a way to show him that he was special and she loved him.

When Naruto was growing up he didn’t have any friends, but he always wanted to be like his mother. He wanted to be strong like her and have people look up to him the way they did her. When Kushina died, Naruto was determined to become like her and make her proud. That’s why he took her name as his own. He wanted to show everyone that he was just as strong and just as capable as she was.

Taking his mother’s name is also a way for Naruto to keep her memory alive. By carrying on her name, he ensures that she will never be forgotten and that her legacy will live on through him.

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